These photos were posted on Jan. 31, 2013.

March for Life 2013 Photos

A huge crowd turned out for the March for Life in Washington, D.C., on January 25th. The weather was cold, with occasional snow. Spirits were high, though, and some marchers chanted: "Hey, hey! Obama! Your Mama Chose Life!"

After a rally on the Mall, marchers walked up Capitol Hill to the U.S. Supreme Court, protesting the 40th anniversary of the Court's Roe v. Wade decision. Afterwards, many went to congressional offices to speak with their Members of Congress or with legislative staff.

Two little African American girls with sign, 'I Am the Pro-Life Generation'

Woman with 'NICU Nurses for Life' sign

Boston University Right to Life banner

Banner proclaims: 'Building a Culture of Life'

Signs says, 'Given a Choice/They'd Like a Chance'

Mounted police at the March on four pretty horses--one white, one black, and two chestnuts

Human Life International banner shows photos of different nationalities

Marchers from Rockland County, N.Y., with 'I Love Life' banners

Women carry signs that say, 'I Regret My Abortion'

Sign, with attached baby-dolls, exclaims: 'Its a Boy!/Its a Girl!/Its a Life!

Young man holds sign, 'I Vote Pro-Life First'

Indiana Knights of Columbua banner

Young man carries 'Life Counts' sign

Anglicans for Life banner

Man holds banner for <em>Life Matters Journal</em>

West Virginia-Ohio 'Love Life' banner

Group of African Americans with

Lutherans for Life banner

Students with Christendom College banner

Marchers carry signs that say, 'Conceived from Rape/I Love My Life'

Banner pleads: 'Mr. President: Please Save The Children/Born and Unborn'

Blue-and-white banner of Mount St. Mary's University Students for Life

Two women hold 'New Wave Feminists' banner

Sisters of Life with their banner

Man holds banner: 'NO to Abortion & War/NO to Assault Weapons/YES to Life!'

Banner says: 'Abortion...One heart stops/Another heart breaks'

University of Cincinnati Students for Life banner

(University of Cincinnati)

Knights of Columbus banner: 'It's a Baby, Not a Choice...Marching for the Unborn'

Banner proclaims, 'Behold: Children Are a Gift from the Lord'

Banner, showing elderly man who holds baby, urges: 'Protect Life! It May Be Your Own'

Smiling man with sign: 'Keep Calm and Pro-Life On'

Red-and-white banner: 'Respect Life at All Stages'

Students with Notre Dame Right to Life banner

Banner of

Sign says birth of every child changes the world

Man with sign: 'Speaking for Those Who Can't Speak for Themselves'

Banner of St. Mary's Catholic Church, Blacksburg, Va.

Sign declares that abortion is the ultimate assault weapon

Banner along march route challenges participants: 'Is this the only

Banner of First United Methodist Church, Greencastle, Pa.

Banner of Hilltoppers for Life, Western Kentucky University

Banner with photo of baby and 'Vote ProLife' spelled out with colorful baby blocks

Hispanic marchers with signs including 'What Did Babies Do To You?'

Banner of Youth for Life, Dallas, Tex.

Three men with Annapolis (Md.) Right to Life Banner

(University of Michigan Students for Life banner at the U.S. Supreme Court)

Photos by Mary Meehan