The following was posted in December, 2009. Copyright © 2009 by Mary Meehan.

Antiwar Protest Photos

On December 12, 2009, antiwar activists gathered in Lafayette Square--across the street from the White House--to protest President Obama's escalation of the war in Afghanistan. Here are some photos of protesters with their banners and signs:

Old man, wearing a Veterans for Peace cap, holds sign: 'No Empire!'

Banner advertises website and adds, 'We've had enough'

Demonstrators and peace-sign flag

A banner for military families against escalation in Afghanistan and a sign that asks: 'Who Would Jesus Bomb?'

Man with sign: 'Talks/Not Bombs/U.S. Out of Afghanistan!'

Sign says, 'Obama/Stop Drone Bombing Afghans'

Peace-sign flag flies amidst demonstrators

Young men hold banner--'University of Cincinnati Students Say: TROOPS OUT NOW!'

Man in orange jumpsuit holds sign: 'Bagram = Guantanamo/Shut Them Down'

Banner of Northern Virginians for Peace and Justice

Demonstrator with Veterans for Peace banner

Sign proclaims:'U.S.Out of Iraq and Afghanistan/Healthcare Not Warfare'

Man in fatigues carries sign: 'O=W/Endless Serial Wars'

Man in fatigues shows the other side of his sign: 'Who Would Jesus Bomb?'

Two women hold pink banner: 'Out of Afghanistan'

Elderly couple hold sign: 'No More Lies/No More Blood!'

Orange Banner: 'You Don't End A War By Sending More Troops!/STOP THE OCCUPATION OF AFGHANISTAN'

Man holds a Veterans for Peace flag

Man and two dogs with a sign: 'No War in Afghanistan'

Peace flag: white peace symbol on deep-blue background

Photos by Mary Meehan