View from Wills Mountain (Maryland)

Biographical Sketch of Mary Meehan

Writer Mary Meehan (whose last name is pronounced "ME-in") was born in Washington, D.C., and spent part of her childhood on a Maryland farm. She graduated from Trinity College, which is now part of Trinity Washington University, with a major in history. She lives in Western Maryland, where she enjoys mountain trails, town festivals, and bluegrass music.

Her political experience included work for antiwar candidates for President, Senate, and House. In one campaign, she was the liaison with attorneys in a major constitutional-law case, Buckley v. Valeo. Later she was active against abortion and the death penalty.

A writer for many years, Meehan has focused especially on politics and issues of life and death. She has won two awards for investigative reporting on eugenics and population control. She also has written about the history and culture of Western Maryland--including the origin of mountain names, an archeological dig, bluegrass music, and quilting.

She is a longtime contributor to Human Life Review, and is now a senior editor of that quarterly. She also has written for America, Bibliophilos, Celebrate Life, Commonweal, Inquiry, Journal of the Alleghenies, Mountain Discoveries, The Progressive, Second Opinion, Social Justice Review, and the Washington Monthly. Her op-ed pieces have been published in newspapers such as the Baltimore Sun, Des Moines Register, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Newsday, and the Washington Post. She has contributed chapters to several books, including the anthology Consistently Opposing Killing (Praeger, 2008).

She has spoken on life issues at over forty colleges and universities, including Arizona State, Bryn Mawr, Cornell, Furman, George Washington, Georgetown Law, Grinnell, Harvard, Illinois, Loyola Chicago, McGill, Michigan, North Carolina State, Notre Dame Law, Oklahoma, Princeton, Stanford, Valparaiso Law, and Williams.

Mountain Trail in Autumn