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Most photos in "Campus Banners" were taken by Mary Meehan; any exception is credited in the text to the photographer or to the group that provided the photo.

Photo of Serrin Foster in the article about "Feminists for Life on Campus" provided by Feminists for Life of America, Alexandria, Va.

Photo of Eugene J. McCarthy in "Gene McCarthy's Different Drummer" is from a McCarthy campaign appearance for congressional candidate David Hoeh, Concord, N.H., October, 1968, photographer unknown.

Portrait photo for "Need a Speaker?" by Michelle Zegles, Chrisstudio, Cumberland, Md.

Quilt photos were taken at the Allegany County Fair, Cumberland, Md.; Beacon Ridge, Indiana, Pa.; March for Life, Washington, D.C.; and Schoolhouse Quilters' Guild quilt show, Cumberland, Md. from 2004-2007.

In "Dear Graduates...," graduation cards in the first photo were produced by (top) Gallant Greetings Corp.; (bottom left) Popular Greetings Inc.; and (bottom center & right) Gallant Greetings Corp.

In the article about "Feminists for Life on Campus," the brochures "You Have Better Choices" and "Abortion. Every Woman's Right?" were published by Feminists for Life of America, Alexandria, Va., and Washington, D.C.

In "How Pregnancy Centers 'Love Them to Life,'" the pictures (in order of appearance) are from: a 2002 newsletter of the National Life Center (parent office of the 1st Way centers); "Resources for Women" brochure by Catholics United for Life (Portland, Ore.), as reprinted by Advocates for Life; a Care Net pregnancy-decision booklet; Heartbeats of Licking County (Ohio) resource directory; an "Earn While You Learn!" brochure of Heritage House '76; "Baby Steps" handout of the Care Net Pregnancy Center of Southern Maryland; "Speak For..." photo by Mary Meehan; and a Birthright brochure.

The two brochure covers for "Adoption" and "Student/CPA/Journalist/Doctor/MOM?!" (in "Palin as Pro-Life Feminist") are by Bethany Productions, Grand Rapids, Mich. The cover of "Adoption" also appears in "Rape and Abortion: A Double Injustice." and in "Adoption: Where Is Solomon When We Need Him?"

The "Resources for Women" cover (in the "Peaceful Alternatives" article) is from a brochure by Catholics United for Life (as reprinted by Advocates for Life), Portland, Ore.