Mountain views

Point of View

How can we respect and defend everyone's life? How can we persuade others to do the same? These are the critical questions that I speak and write about. I believe that:

Human life is a great good, one we should all cherish and defend.

The right to life underlies and sustains all other rights. Without life, there are no other rights, nor any chance for the pursuit of happiness.

We must defend life at all levels: cultural, educational, political and personal. As the Quakers say, "Let your life speak."

We need serious analysis of the threats to life and of the power elite from which they so often come.

We need coalitions that transcend political divisions in order to advance the cause of life.

We should have a can-do spirit that advances the many existing alternatives to violence--and builds many more.

We need to recapture the joy of life, the view of life as a grand adventure, and the sense of solidarity with all of our companions on the journey.

--Mary Meehan

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