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A Resource for Journalists

Every journalist knows how hard it can be to nail down facts--especially when deadlines loom. This site may help you in that demanding work. It includes many research articles with careful citations to news reports, books, and archives.

The site does have a point of view: defending human life against all threats. So you may find it useful, too, if you need an opinion quote on deadline. If you need a more specific comment, or one right on top of the news, please call Mary Meehan at (301) 759-2992.

Some of the alternatives to violence emphasized here are not well known to the public. You may find interesting story ideas in those alternatives.

On the "Links" page, you may find groups and web sites that will prove to be good sources.

The "Life Quotes" page offers thoughtful quotations from many sources on life-or-death issues. It also has quotes on topics ranging from "Conscience" and "Presidents" to "Writers and Writing." It may give you just the quote you need for an article or essay.

This is a quiet site--no blinking lights, pop-up ads, audios, or videos. One friend called it an "Amish site," and we took that as a great compliment. There are many photos, though, including ones of mountains, parks, and gardens. It's a peaceful place to think about issues that deeply affect all of us.

Waterfall in Central Park, N.Y.C.